Our Humidex® Garage Ventilation System is the perfect product for garages, greenhouses, sheds, baby barns, and all confined areas of up to 750 square feet. Improve ventilation and get rid of excess humidity, air pollutants, and dangerous fumes with this multipurpose moisture-control system.

The EPA and CMHC both recommend a garage ventilation system for homes with an attached garage to reduce the potential for toxic fumes entering your home. Our quiet, compact, and impact-resistant garage unit has proven it can accomplish this for only pennies a day.

Your Humidex® garage unit will:
  • remove stale, poor quality air
  • reduce mold, mildew, odors, and contaminants
  • protect your tools & equipment from rusting
  • prevent cracks and leaks with drier floors
garage humidex
The Humidex® garage unit services an area of up to 750 square feet.

garage gvs sd humidex
New & Unique! This Humidex® garage unit incorporates a built-in carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. Digital system designed for both heated and unheated spaces up to 750 squares feet.