Choose the solution that’s just right for your space

Humidex® offers a full range of humidity control and ventilation products that are easily installed and simple to operate.

Better than a dehumidifier, all Humidex® units are quiet, energy-efficient, and economical, requiring little or no maintenance.

European influenced and North American manufactured, our all-season, all-climate solutions are available in digital or analog.

Our industry-leading HCV digital models use our patented trending logic to analyze humidity, temperature, and dew point trends, and regulate ventilation, while minimizing energy consumption.

Our economical UNS/HDS analog models monitor current conditions, using these values to run the system at a fixed speed to attain your desired humidity level.

For over 25 years, Humidex® has been the industry standard in humidity control ventilation, offering an exceptional 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Choose the Humidex® system that’s just right for your:
A damp musty basement can contaminate your entire home, affect family health, and cause structural damage. Learn how Humidex® basement solutions can make a difference.
Reduce crawlspace humidity levels, and eliminate musty odors and other airborne pollutants, while maintaining humidity control ventilation for the entire home.
Eliminate or reduce excess humidity, window condensation, moisture damage, musty smells, and airborne pollutants in your apartment or condo.
From basement to bedroom and every room in between, HumiFresh Whole Home Systems cover all your needs.
Get rid of excess humidity, air pollutants, dangerous fumes, and poor ventilation, in your garage, shed, baby barn, greenhouse, and other confined areas.