Because healthy indoor air quality matters for all of us, but no regulations mandate it in the retrofit market. And yet where there are regulations, as in the new construction market, consumers still experience issues with poor indoor air quality, even when their home is equipped with an air exchanger such as an HRV!

When they first move in, home owners tend to enjoy their pleasant new dwelling, yet quite often by the second year they experience phenomena such as excess moisture, musty moldy odors, and allergic reactions to indoor air contaminants. As the seasons change, humidity issues that lead to damp uncomfortable basements & crawlspaces, or even window condensation upstairs, can become apparent.

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Indoor air pollution concentrates inside and outside pollutants.

On the one hand, the succession of regulations and changes to building codes is producing houses that are increasingly airtight. On the other hand, an increased public awareness of the negative impact of poor indoor air quality on human health has seen the need for intelligent air treatment systems!

While an airtight home is designed to be energy-efficient and high-performance, at the same time it can have issues with pollutants like VOCs trapped inside, and from cross contamination of noxious fumes entering from the garage.

Source control is obviously the first step to limiting exposure to indoor pollutants, but predictable ventilation is required to establish and maintain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), because poor IAQ has a significant adverse impact on human health!

Indoor contaminants sources.

The objective at ClairiTech is to design and produce intelligent air treatment systems that remove polluted air from a building and supply outdoor air to this same building using technology that is affordable for home owners - whether they live in a single-family home, a duplex, or an apartment, and whether their home is old, new, or newly renovated.

Introducing ventilation throughout the whole house, with special attention to the trickiest space which is the basement or crawlspace, and treating the ventilation air so that it is more beneficial to the health and well-being of the occupants has been inside ClairiTech Innovations' DNA for almost 30 years.

At ClairiTech Innovations, customers' concerns are our concerns. Whether customers are worried about their health, their comfort, their property, or their investment, the team at ClairiTech is committed to making sure that they enjoy all the benefits our innovative clean air products offer.