Because healthy indoor air quality matters for all of us specifically when no regulations mandator it mainly in retrofit market, but as well as new constructions mostly equipped with air exchangers whether they are HRV or ERV!

The first question you need an unambiguous answer to prior to before making a more complete diagnosis: Is your home’s indoor air making you sick?

Why does indoor air make us sick
Why does indoor air make us sick?

Building an air tight home or apartment usually may restrict airflow and pose dangers for the dwelling indoor quality and occupant’s health by keeping inside excess of moisture and harmful pollutants.

An efficient home ventilation system solves this problem by removing stale air potentially toxic air and replenishing it by clean air for good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Health symptoms linked to poor IAQ:

Headaches, breathing allergies, sinus congestion, coughing, sneezing. dizziness, nausea, etc ...

Pollution matters
Pollution matters!

Much like the human body your home has to breath,
and because on average you spend nearly 90% of your time indoors where pollutants can be from two to five times higher than outdoor levels,
an HVI certified mechanical ventilation system might address poor ventilation issue.

Indoor time statistics
Indoor Time Statistics

What hazards are trapped inside your home?
Dust, mites, mold, dampness, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemicals as aldehyde, benzene, chlorofluorocarbon, cleaning products, etc ...
The most effective safeguard against unhealthy indoor air is mechanical ventilation which:
1- Removes stale, contaminated air and replenishes the dwelling with fresh oxygen-rich air.
2- Minimizes indoor pollutants by lower concentration of particulates, & VOCs.
3- Prevents moisture-related damage.
4- Improves a home’s durability.

Because Clean Air matters with every breath!