Watching the weather forecast on the news every day, you’ll hear them talk about humidity levels outside and how it will affect your day. But do you pay as much attention to your indoor humidity level? We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so making sure the humidity level is just right is not only important for our comfort, it’s important for our health.

What are the signs that the humidity is too high or too low?

When humidity in your home is too high you will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. You may start to see condensation on windows and mirror as well as stains on walls and ceilings. Musty smells are a sign of mildew and mold growth which can aggravate allergies, respiratory problems and lung disease.

When the humidity is too low you may get a scratchy throat or stuffed nose, chapped lips and dry skin. You’ll experience static or sparks when you rub your feet on the carpet or touch objects.

What is the ideal humidity level indoors?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, recommends that relative humidity in the home be kept between 30% to 50% in the summer and 30% to 40% in the winter.
You can measure your home's humidity levels with a small, inexpensive hygrometer. Once you are aware of the humidity levels in your home, you can look at options to optimize it all year round.

While a dehumidifier is often recommended to remove moisture from the air, knowing when to have it operating depends on the season, the daily weather forecast, how well your home is insulated and ventilated. Traditionally, dehumidifiers use a significant amount of energy, have condensation tanks that need frequent emptying and only remove moisture from the air - they don’t facilitate new fresh, air.

How Humidex systems optimize humidity levels 24/7, year round.

Designed to be installed in the basement, the Humidex® HCV-BS is an industry-leading digital unit, with patented trending logic that continuously analyzes humidity, temperature, and dew point trends, and regulates the ventilation rate accordingly to increase efficiency.

It is an energy-efficient unit that delivers exceptional indoor comfort, both downstairs and upstairs, as 50% of the air in your living space comes from the basement.

No matter what the season or the forecast outside, once your Humidex unit is set up, there is very little required to maintain it. Your indoor forecast will be perfect all year round.