"Just dropping you a note to thank you for introducing us to the humidity control systems you are handling. Both Val and I are extremely pleased with the Humidex systems you sold us as they far surpass any expectations we had.''

''Our basement instead of being a place we avoided is now a section of the house that we actually enjoy utilizing, and are planning on setting up a full entertainment room in this area. Some of the more notable benefits we have noticed are: - the mold in the corner of our windows and along the bottom of the basement wall has completely dried up. - the musty smell has disappeared - we can now leave clothes in the closets downstairs and they remain fresh. - we no longer have goosebumps on our arms when we spend time downstairs. - the laundry soap remains a powder, no more lump (one of Val’s first comments) - after painting with varithane the odor disappears within 2 days. - we do not know for sure whether the Humidex system is responsible but Val’s arthritis in her hands has shown a dramatic improvement during the last few months, she is now spending more time with her needle work and other crafts which she thoroughly enjoys, hopefully she will be able to continue throughout the year.
- As we have not had our unit long enough to realize the full benefits what we have experienced thus far is extremely impressive and we look forward to the winter months when the other benefits of the system will really be noticeable.
- The RV unit we installed in our trailer has also made a difference we now leave our bedding, clothing and other dry goods in the RV ready for our next adventure.
- The long-term benefits of having the RV unit will be realized in the extended life of the RV due to the controlled humidity. We would like you to know that both of us speak very highly of you for the excellent service provided, and also of the products which you are marketing. It is refreshing to find someone that really believes in the products they are selling. Keep up the good work."

Val and Bill | Willian Morton, British Columbia