Reasons To Breathe Easy:
  • IOS & android App
  • Detects & exhausts dangerous Carbon Monoxide
  • Wireless wall Control (optional)
This heavy-duty, tamper-proof, hard-connect model is specially designed to meet the requirements of Property Managers. Operates automatically, no maintenance, no buckets, no filters.
The perfect solution to tenant complaints of mold, high humidity, odors, and other indoor air quality issues.

  • No high electricity bills, uses only 34 Watts for Super Energy-Efficiency.
  • Exhaust-only for quick installation.
  • Helps lower the need for costly repairs.

This slim-profile digital unit is quiet, unobtrusive, and compact. The internal control uses our proprietary smart technology, adjusting the output as changes in humidity, temperature, and dew point trends occur. Whether you leave for extended periods of time, or turn the heat or air conditioner on or off, the sensor detects the changes and automatically sets the most efficient operating mode.

The HCS HUMIDEX® unit constantly monitors both humidity levels and the temperature of the indoor air. It is then able to optimise extraction rates by calculating temperature and humidity trends.
This ensures that excess humidity and indoor air contaminants are exhausted to the outside.

These units are controlled by an internal digital sensor and include:
   • Carbon Monoxide Sensor Monitor
Controler1 Humidex settings   • myHome App
controler2 Humidex Weather
An optional external HCS Wireless Control is also available.

You are in control with the touch of a button or the touch of a screen!
myHome gives you 24/7 unlimited access to:
    • your settings & controls
    • your real-time unit conditions
    • your local weather
    • your unit registration
    • your sign up and login
Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty
Model Type: HCS myHome Hard Connect
  • Tamper-proof and hard-connect 
  • Year-round moisture control, clean air & comfort, 24/7
  • No stale air, pollutants, radon, CO
Installation area: Apartments - Condos
Air Flow: 125 CFM
Service Area: Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Dimensions: H 24" x W 9.5" x D 5.5”
Weight: 7.5 Lbs
Electrical: 34W Max / 115 V @ 60 Hz
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty (2 years control)
IOS & Android App