Reasons To Breathe Easy:
  • Reduces humidity down to your chosen pre-set level
  • Can transform a basement into usable living or storage space
  • Energy-efficient with very low electricity consumption
The Humidex® HCS is the new line of air extracting systems. With a newly designed control that is installed upstairs, the HCS-BS monitors in real time the air being pulled downstairs. By monitoring both the upstairs as well as the basement air, this intelligent system continuously exhausts stale, damp, polluted air at a perfect extraction rate. This results in a more comfortable environment throughout the house. It is made of the same attractive non-corrosive alloy cabinet as our current units, with an even slimmer and sleeker design.

One correctly sized and installed Humidex humidity control system ventilates the whole house!
Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty
Model Type: Humidity Control System
  • Services area of up to 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Wire LCD wall control
  • Adjustable height
Installation area: Basement
Air Flow: 230 CFM
Ajustable Height: Yes
Service Area: Up to 2,400 sq. ft.
Dimensions: H 86.5"-96", W 11.5", D 8.5"
Weight: 24 lbs
Electrical: 34W Max / 115 V @ 60 Hz
Warranty: 5 years System – 2 years Control
Wire Lcd Wall Control

Humidity Control System - Advantages
  • The Humidex HCS monitors the risk of condensation, and when condensation is present, uses a built-in algorithm to reduce it
  • Another built-in feature detects when an AC system is present, and then helps improve its effectiveness
  • Energy-efficient with very low electricity consumption
  • Easy to install, effortless to maintain, and never any water to empty
Humidity Control System - Benefits
  • Reduces humidity down to your chosen pre-set level
  • Can transform a basement into useable living or storage space
  • Prevents costly mold and mildew damage to stored items, furniture, and clothing
  • Reduces the risk of costly household repairs caused by mold and rot

The Humidex HCS is built to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is assured by our highly responsive teams that are well versed in both technical assistance and customer service.

hcs bs shema

An optional booster fan can be added to increase air movement towards the Humidex. The Humidex HCS will then use the temperature and humidity readings from the booster fan as the supply readings, allowing the unit to know the exact air quality being pulled downstairs. In this way, efficiency, effectiveness, and home comfort are maximized.