Reasons To Breathe Easy:
  • Reduce radon levels
  • Booster fan enhance specially designed crawlspace units
  • Energy-efficient with very low electricity consumption
Whith Humidex® HCS and myHome you can manage your settings more accurately, at any time, from anywhere. Plus, it will detect the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, and start working immediately to eliminate it and make your home safe and comfortable again.

You are in control with the touch of a button or the touch of a screen!
myHome gives you 24/7 unlimited access to:
    • your settings & controls
    • your real-time unit conditions
    • your local weather
    • your unit registration
    • your sign up and login

A control system of the air quality installed in the crawlspace is the key to a healthy indoor environment, upstairs and down, year-round. with sensors in both the crawlspace and upstairs, musty, damp, and polluted air is exhausted as needed.

A Unit23 HumidexThe HCS Crawl Space with Booster Fan unit constantly maintains balanced air pressure so that unconditioned air from the outside does not make its way into the crawl space. While foundation vents allow for arbitrary air flow of unconditioned air, the HCS Crawl Space unit is sensible and controlled ventilation to expel the damp, polluted air and replenish it with a conditioned, drier air mass transforming the environment in the crawl space.

For maximum efficiency, we installed the carbon monoxide detector on the booster fan unit

Crawl spaces commonly have the most problematic air mass in the house. Moisture, gases and pollutants build up in the unconditioned cold, damp crawl space from outside infiltration and from everyday activities. The higher relative humidity and lack of ventilation creates an environment that is conducive to mold growth, odors, infestation and damages the structure with wood rot, damp floors and beams. Harmful air pollutants such as radon, gases and toxins build up as well. This air then flows upwards naturally through stack effect leading to an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment for the whole house
Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty
Model Type: HCS myHome and Booster fan
  • Specially designed for houses with very large crawl space
  • Specially designed for house built on crawl space and basement
  • Control you indoor air quality 24/7, from home or away with your phone or tablet
Installation area: Crawl Space
Air Flow: 230 CFM
Ajustable Height: Yes
Service Area: Up to 3,000 sq. ft.
Dimensions: H 32", W 11.5", D 8.5"
Weight: 12 lbs
Electrical: 34W Max / 115 V @ 60 Hz
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty (2 years control)
Wireless Wall Control + App and Booster Fan

Moisture Control Benefit
  • Reduces Mold Growth, Moisture, & Odors
  • Extracts moisture from walls, floors, beams
  • Better than foundation vents or encapsulation only
  • Sensors downstairs & upstairs for superior performance
  • Maintenance Free, Increases HVAC efficiencies

Indoor Air Quality Benefits
  • Carbon Monoxide detection which triggers app alert and automatic expulsion
  • Reduces radon levels
  • Expels gases, asthmatic triggers and VOC’s
  • Creates whole house air exchange as per code
  • Automatically adjusts to prevailing conditions
  • Mobile app for remote monitoring and control
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The Humidex HCS is built to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is assured by our highly responsive teams that are well versed in both technical assistance and customer service.