Reasons To Breathe Easy:
  • Sleeker and more compact design
  • More energy-efficient and easier to operate
  • Powerful, robust and reliable
  • Moisture control and air exchanging system
The Hybrid 200 is the newest addition to the line of whole home systems offered by ClairiTEch Innovations. The HumiFresh Hybrid 200 uses a dual ERV & HRV core design to provide an all-season, all-climate moisture control and air exchanging system. The Hybrid 200 will have a sleeker and more compact design than previous models, to allow for a more flexible and easier installation.

It will be equipped with myHome technology.  Plus, it will detect the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, and start working immediately to eliminate it and make your home safe and comfortable again.

You are  in control with the touch of a button or the touch of a screen!

myHome gives you 24/7 unlimited access to:
  • your settings & controls
    • your real-time unit conditions
 • your local weather
  • your unit registration
• your sign up and login

Heavy Duty: Fits Standard 6'' or 8'' ducts
Model Type: Dual ERV & HRV Core Design
Front-Info: AVAILABLE END OF 2019

  • Dual ERV & HRV core design, moisture control and air exchanging system
  • Control your indoor air quality 24/7, from home or away with your phone or tablet
  • Detects & exhaust dangerous Carbon Monoxide 
Installation area: Basement or Crawl Space
Weight: 0
Electrical: 0
Warranty: 0

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