Whole Home Ventilation System

category whole homeDiscover the HumiFresh ERV/HRV advantages

HumiFresh Whole Home System is an innovative all season, all climate, moisture control and air exchanging Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV-HRV) system. From basement to bedroom and every room in between, HumiFresh Whole Home Systems cover all your needs.

Discover the double hybrid core difference

The only design of its kind on the market, it features both an ERV core and an HRV core, a combined system that does so much more. Energy-efficient and easy to operate, it can help you meet or exceed green building codes.

With the HumiFresh Whole Home system, you will enjoy all the benefits of a drier, odor-free home in warmer seasons, and a healthier, more comfortable home in the colder seasons. Proper installation by a knowledgeable professional ensures maximum performance from your HumiFresh unit for many years to come.

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Reasons To Breathe Easy:
  • All-season, all-climate, moisture control and air exchanging Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV-HRV) unit
  • Smart technology - intelligent software makes it simple to “set and forget”
  • Energy-efficient - 3 powerful motors consume less than a 100-watt light bulb
From basement to bedroom, and every room in between, ClairiTech Innovations has a Whole Home Ventilation System that covers all of your needs.

This innovative system is the HumiFresh Hybrid 120, an all-season, all-climate, moisture control and air exchanging Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV-HRV) unit.
Heavy Duty: Fits Standard 6'' or 8'' ducts
  • Dual ERV & HRV core design
  • Services area up to 3,200 square feet
  • Energy-efficient and easy to operate
Air Flow: 50 to 120 CFM
Service Area: Up to 3200 square feet
Dimensions: 24” W x 21” H x 20 1/2” D
Weight: 80 lb
Electrical: 30 W low / 96 W max / 120 V @ 60 Hz Compatible with 230 V @ 50/60 Hz
Warranty: y 10 years on cabinet - 5 years mechanical / electrica - 5 years ERV core - Lifetime HRV core