Energy Efficient Units All Year Round

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Clean, comfortable, healthier air at a fraction of the annual cost

From the start, all Humidex units have been designed with energy efficiency in mind. Environmentally friendly Humidex products operate year round costing, on average, less than $5 a month.  Compare that to a dehumidifier which, on average, costs at least $50 a month, using more than 10x the electricity that a Humidex unit does.

Every Humidex moisture control and ventilation unit is a “green” machine that not only cleans up the air in your indoor environment, but helps save the environment by using less electricity. The money you save every year while enjoying all the health and wellness benefits, ensures that the unit practically pays for itself after a couple of years.

Sustainability and actively supporting environmentally friendly solutions are guiding principles for the team that continues to innovate at Humidex.